"When we are in tune with the rhythms of the Earth, with our inner rhythm, we know how to walk on the edge of time and worlds"
- "Roots", Estas Tonne

mystical arctic journeys

A unique concept of tours, events and experiences across Lofoten and Vesterålen area of Arctic Norway for those ready to explore true mystical side of this sacred land, unknown to regular tourists.
Allow the transformative forces of nature to take you on a personal Mystical Arctic Journey…

personalised magical getaways

Up to 1 day

For those looking for a personalised tour of local attractions, as well as short transformational experience

Weekend / few days

For those looking to get the most out of region in a short time. These are package experiences

Full Week

All inclusive Mystical Arctic Journey through the spectacular nature and mystical sites, enriched with old times teachings

VIP Exclusive & Corporate

Professional events & VIP-intensive transformational getaways & more!

Why choose "mystical arctic journeys"?

I am not a tour guide or travel agent. I offer a totally different experience, whereby I take you on a unique transformational journey through these magnificent landscapes and unspoilt nature, weaving in local mysticism, legends, mythology and shamanic motifs, which allow to fully unravel the unknown face of this region, and reconnect you to the primordial Earth energy…

Reconnect to your inner wisdom, intuition, energy world and live an authentic, meanningful life.

browse & find the right option for you

vip intensive

Most exclusive, intensive transformational getaway for individuals, couples and small groups

Packages include deep transformational teachings, luxurious accommodation, private chef, local trips, tours, sightseeing, onsite wellness & massage therapist

personalized tours & experiences

For those mainly focused on sightseeing. All options are designed to fit your needs, interests, budget and time constraints.

Solo Travellers

Looking to explore this region & discover more than regular tourists do?

Romantic Couples

Let me help you organize that perfect "love getaway" package


Traveling with friends or family - let's look into the perfect tour for you!

vision quest

For those on a spiritual quest, ready for a full transformative experience

Soul Searching

Need a little time out after a difficult life experience or a personal crisis? Or perhaps you have a big decision to make?

Life Purpose Discovery

Feeling dissatisfied with your life or career? Or maybe you've been living according to external expectations, while sensing you have a higher calling?

Alchemical Journey for Women

Reconnect to ancient feminine mysteries lore, wisdom of our ancestors, and reawaken your alchemical powers

big life events

For those looking for a bit more unconventional touch on their “big day”, honouring the nature, our roots and ancestors

Unique Wedding Events

Looking for a unique wedding concept, original reception or a charming wedding venue? Let me help!

Marriage Proposals & Anniversaries

How about surprising your future spouse with a one-of-a-kind, unprecedented proposal? Or maybe a touch of magic with your anniversary celebrations?

Birthday Celebrations

Tired of regular birthday parties and ready to honour yourself in a more meaningful way?

Soul based leadership for businesses & individuals

For businesses that recognise imminent transformational requirements within organizational culture to continue to thrive

For female business owners, coaches and other professionals who wish to tap into their inner alchemical potential and dormant superpowers, in order to lead authentically while in alignment with their inner wisdom

Cultural Change

Let's discuss your organizational context and propose optimal transformative framework for your business

Alchemical Woman in Business

Events & getaways designed to reconnect women to their souls deepest knowing and surpass current limiting business paradigms

Transformational Team Buildings

Deep meaningful transformative Team experiences that really make a difference

Upcoming Fixed Date Arctic Getaways

Join a group of amazing individuals from all parts of the world coming together to explore the mysteries of this region, mythology, alchemy, legends and for an unforgettable journey through time and between worlds…

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