vip intensive

Exclusive intensive transformational journey for individuals, couples or small groups up to 3 participants

reconnect to your soul & mystical side

Experience a deep transformational journey as you commune with the invisible mystical forces of Nature 

Perhaps you have a thriving career, life which seems great on the surface but there is that lingering feeling of something missing.

Or perhaps you are seeking deeper purpose, you feel drawn to something more, but can’t quite grasp what it is. Maybe you have been on a spiritual journey and realised it hasn’t really yielded much result… 

An authentic, grounded experience

This VIP Intensive is not about meditations, technics, spiritual concepts and the “feel-good” factor. It is a deep mystical inner and outer journey based on ancient teachings, native wisdom and alchemical tradition which is echoed in mythologies, shamanism and fairy-tales. 

It is our birthright, our nature, our origins, from which we have departed, disconnected as we got caught up in daily struggles, career, material gains and pleasures. 

Find your deeper calling, reconnect with your intuition, inner voice, reconnect with the mystical forces of Nature, Earth so that you truly awaken your inner powers as you remember your own essence.

Accommodation & Wellness

  • One of the top luxurious villas across Lofoten region
  • Onsite wellness & massage therapist
  • Private chef

Transformational Journey

Flexible dates & tailormade program designed to take you on an intensive alchemical journey full of ancient teachings, mystical context, mythological references, so that you will leave truly reborn and reconnected to your soul, inner voice and with a deep sense of purpose.

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