Who am i?

About me

My name is Ola Wolny and I am a host and a guide of unique, Mystical Arctic Journeys, events, tours and experiences in Lofoten and Vesterålen area of Arctic Norway.

My deep mystical connection to these regions and their energy made me leave a thriving oil and gas career and pursue this calling, so that others could also discover the true nature of Lofoten and Vesterålen and be enchanted by their real essence, which extends way beyond breathtaking landscapes.

my mission

“To help people reconnect with the Earth, Nature and her primordial forces, while guiding them back to rediscover own essence”


Restore recognition of this sacred land, its energy and spirits for their deeply transformative nature, well beyond spectacular beauty of its landscapes, for which it is currently exploited.


Explore Lofoten and Vesterålen region unknown to regular tourists. Discover legends, myths and alchemical lore, which reveal the true heritage of sacred sites and energy centres across this land. Dive deep into Norse mythology and allow alchemical teachings unravel true meaning and depth of the Viking stories, unknown even to historians, scholars and academics…

Experience pure transformation and reconnect to the primordial Earth energy of this region, then watch the magic unfold in your own life…


Woman who awakens her inner alchemy walks between worlds. She is the Shaman, Creator, Weaver of Life. This wisdom resides in prehistory of every culture.

I have walked this path for a very long time now. This land has called me, transformed me and prepared for the most important mission in this life – to be the voice of the the “unspoken”, of the ancestors, of the mystical forces of nature. To foster our reconnection to Earth and to reveal that myths, legends and fairy tales are in fact not at all fables, but real accounts of our history, our spiritual powers and wisdom which got hidden from us throughout millennia

…I believe true magic of Lofoten and Vesterålen unfolds for those who are ready to be enchanted and reborn…

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