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For those mainly focused on sightseeing. All options are designed to fit your needs, interests, budget and time constraints.

Solo Travellers

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You are in charge

I specialize in personalized experiences and events, therefore we build the itinerary together, catering to your interests, needs and budget.

Below you will find a sample of different ideas of tours, adventures and experiences just to get a feel of what’s possible. I invite you to reach out so we can explore best options for you and make your trip unforgettable!

I offer tours, adventures and events of various duration

Up to 1 day

Weekends / Few days

Full Week

Up to 1 day

Harstad: Historical Center, XI century church & Alchemical Twist!

Duration: 2 - 3 hrs
Price from: 80 USD / person*

Harstad: Viking experience with alchemical journey through Norse mythology

Duration: 2 - 3 hrs
Price from: 80 USD / person*

Sami experience

Duration: ca 4 hrs
Price from: 150 USD / person*

Harstad area: Romantic date with food & drink under starry skies

Duration: 2 - 3 hrs
Price from: 400 USD*

Harstad area: Northern Lights - Alchemical experience

Duration: 2 hrs
Price from: 100 USD / person*

Harstad area: Shamanic journey with drum at a mystical location

Duration: 2 - 3 hrs
Price from: 1 500 NOK / person*

Weekend / few days

Viking Saga

Duration: 3 days
Price from: 500 USD / person*

full week

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Mystical Arctic Journey

Duration: 7 days
Price from: 2 000 USD / person**

* price per person for groups of 4-6 people 

** price per person for groups of minimum 8 people & depending on the program

check out also my upcoming events

Join a group of amazing individuals from all parts of the world coming together to explore the mysteries of this region, mythology, alchemy, legends and for an unforgettable journey through time and between worlds…

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